Ensemble Groups

You choose the group size that meets

both your needs and your budget!



·         Solo Violin - The subtlety of a solo violin provides pure elegance, whether unaccompanied, or with your house pianist or organist.


·         The Strolling Violinist - Specializes in strolling, traditional, Celtic, Sacred and Fiddling. Plays by ear, and can honor most requests. This ensemble is priced separately.



·         Violin Duo - Two violins complement each other simply and elegantly with interesting arrangements. Very intimate for smaller gatherings!


·         Violin and Cello Duo - A broader range of sound results with this twosome.  A beautiful melody line accompanied by a rich bass instrument.


·         Violin and Piano Duo – This timeless combination is rich and dramatic, easily fitting into any situation.  Quality, tuned house piano required.


·         Violin and Harp Duo Romantic and classic, the Violin & Harp duo sets an elegant mood for any occasion.  This ensemble is priced separately.




·         String Trio Our two violin and cello ensemble has the same range of sound as our string quartet, yet is more affordable.




·         String Quartet - Two violins, viola and cello present an orchestral sound in both volume and clarity.  Perfect for larger gatherings.




·         String Octet - A double-string quartet for the person who wants to amaze their guests with a    “chamber orchestra”.   Advance booking a must!